Nikki Crafts Flosstube Videos

Welcome to Nikki B’s Flosstube dedicated website, bringing together all her YouTube stitching videos in one place.

What is Flosstube?

So what is “Flosstube”? It’s a growing group of needle-based crafters (mostly but not only cross-stitch) who share videos on YouTube. The videos may show spoken word updates on what the stitcher is currently working on, or projects they have finished (and framed), or taking you through their many W.I.P.s (Work In Progress). There are also another collection of videos where the camera focuses on their current project, and you watch real-time (or sped up in some cases) as they stitch, often with no speaking and background music. They can be very relaxing (mindful if you will), and are often viewed while the watcher themselves stitch! Thus the term “Stitch With Me” was coined.

Some producers of Flosstube videos can be funny, or share much of the lives with you, while others concentrate on just their cross-stitch projects.

You can find much more about NIkki on her crafting blog website “The Crafty Writer” – which features much more of her stitching, plus some other crafty hobbies. There’s also guides on how to start cross-stitch projects, and and very popular “How to Park” explanation.