Each month (with the exception of February) I have a few days extra which I’m using at the moment for non-full coverage pieces. At the moment I’m working on Mooka from Mirabillia which I bought fully kitted at The Knitting and Stitching Show a couple of years ago. I started her on Leap Day this year, the only February day which didn’t fit in with my week long rotations for my full coverage pieces.

I’m happy with my progress considering I haven’t worked on her that much. This month I worked on the pillow under her arm, some more on the bed post and made a start on her dress. The fabric is quite a loose and open weave so it’s difficult to keep those stitches nice and uniform. I’m going to continue working down the left side of the pattern next time and hopefully fill in more of her dress and the drapes of the bedding. I really should continue with working on the outer border frame as well so that I don’t leave all of that to fill in at the end.

Mooka September 2020

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Back to Just Be after a little break when I was finishing Eternal Promise. This project gets two weeks every other month alternating with Trick or Treat which is as close as I’m going to get to a focus piece at the moment. I seem to pick a focus piece when I still have a lot to do on a project and then it gets a little disheartening when I’m still working on the same project ten months later.

At the start of the month I was nearly finished with page 13 which was the first page of this penultimate row of pages. I finished that off after a couple of days of stitching and then it was straight on with page 14 which I also finished during the row of pages.

Page 14 saw me get back to the cat, finishing off one of the lenses on his sunglasses and working some more through that fur. There was a small sliver of the collar that he is wearing and I’m expecting that to contain quite a bit of confetti. At the moment though it’s all plain sailing, the odd section with colour changes but nothing too challenging.

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Brrr… fall is definitely in the air here in western Pennsylvania! And I’m not sure I’m ready for it… My summer sped by so quickly that I didn’t even have a chance to relax and enjoy it this year. But, on to a new season and crunchy leaves and fall decorating and all those spicy fragrances wafting through my kitchen. Today I’m making Molasses Crinkles (using this recipe) which always remind me of my dear maternal grandmother. Those were one of her signature cookies and she always fretted about whether or not they would “crinkle.” She learned from experience that the humidity level was key and so today–a dry, cool morning, is perfect for baking. I wish you could smell the ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves in the cookies that permeate my house right now!

I’ve been thinking about grandma a lot since my mom died. Such a special woman in my life–she was so capable and could do just about anything with a needle and thread. One of mom’s biggest compliments was when she told me how much I take after Gram B. Her talents went way beyond mine, but I love the fact that mom saw similar traits in us!

We said goodbye to my mother in a simple graveside ceremony in my tiny western New York hometown on Saturday–just us four kids and our spouses, a few grandchildren, one great grandchild, and the minister. It did my heart good to see her interred and resting in peace at last. I know my dad was thrilled to finally have her there beside him… Knowing them, they were up all night talking!

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Last week of the month is the week for working on A Stitch In Time. Little and often is the key with this one; I don’t think I could work on it consistently for two weeks at a time but a week a month is something to look forward too. I’m still working on page one having made my way over to that corner. I was dreading this page because it looked like it would be really full of confetti. On the whole it has been but the key was easier than I expected and generally using pattern keeper really helps me to find a route around the stitching and to make the most of travelling with those spread out stitches.

I’m working without a grid on this one and that also helps by making me less likely to make big jumps between stitches. It doesn’t stop me making mistakes but having a grid doesn’t stop the mistakes either.

I’m really pleased with the progress that I’ve been able to make this month. I managed to put in just over 4,000 stitches when my goal was 3,000. I’m also close to finally finishing the page and getting back to page two in September.

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