A busy two weeks and two new finishes

Whew! It’s been a busy first two weeks of March for me… I think I’ve left my house more over the past two weeks than I did over the entire past year! (Well, not really, as there were trips to visit my mom and my grandson last year, but you get the idea). This was my “self-care” time of the year when I schedule all the doctors’  appointments that I can manage into two weeks. I went for my annual physical, my eye appointment, my dental check-up, my mammogram, my bone density scan, and had my blood and urine tested at the lab. Throw in a much-needed haircut and color and it was a productive, if tiring, couple of weeks. Thankfully, all my appointments went well. (Although when you suffer from osteoporosis like I do, the results of my bone density scans are never what you want to see… In spite of all my exercise, my bones continue to grow weaker. For me, it’s genetic, both mom and grandma had severe osteoporosis, too). 

I have had a bit of time to stitch–though not as much as I would have liked. As you can see below, my St. Patrick’s Day display has been brightening up the kitchen. Although I have no Irish blood, I really love the cheery green of these pieces–they just say spring to me and they’re a perfect transition from frosty snowmen to frolicking bunnies. I purchased the little pitcher and two matching cups adorned with shamrocks at Goodwill over a year ago (BC–before Covid). I thought they would be a perfect addition to my Irish-themed basket. And do you see the green checked “placemat” that everything is resting on? It is an extra-large men’s shirt that I also purchased at Goodwill to cut up and use in finishing and in my displays. Since all the shirts are the same price, why not look for the “extra-large” size, right!?

Lots of green goodies in my St. Patrick’s Day display

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