A Christmas Like No Other…

Merry almost Christmas, my friends! Well, we did it–we’ve nearly made it to Christmas in this very difficult year… It will certainly be a Christmas unlike any the world has ever seen. So many changes and lives lost over this past year. This was supposed to be the year my 5-month-old grandson would spend his very first Christmas with us. But, of course, Covid took care of those plans–we just have to look ahead and hope he and his parents will be here for Christmas in 2021. 

But, I already got one of the best presents I could ask for–an early Christmas present so to speak. My youngest son, whom I had not seen in nearly a year (since he visited last Christmas!) is home!!! YAY!!! He took two Covid tests, four days apart, and he’s been isolating so we feel safe having him home with us for five days. I have to admit I started jumping up and down when he walked through the door yesterday morning and ran over and gave him the biggest hug ever. I still can’t quite believe I hadn’t seen him in a year (especially given the fact that he lives only a four hour drive away). That’s just the way this crazy year has gone…

Because of the uncertainty of the past nine months, I think traditions have become more important than ever. And one thing that remains constant year after year, is my Christmas tree–same old tree, just a dozen new ornaments added to it. 

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