A slightly different Christmas

Just two more days and Christmas will be here! Are you ready? I’ve done all that I need to do outside of preparing meals, although I may make a couple more batches of cookies. Cookie baking is hard for me to resist this time of year! I have a nice supply that I froze from Thanksgiving and made three more kinds on Saturday–honestly, that is plenty! But, it’s fun to try a new cookie every now and then and Christmas offers the perfect excuse to experiment, don’t you think?

My tree is finally up and decorated…I do think this is the latest ever! As I mentioned in my previous post, I am considering putting it up before Thanksgiving next year–or at least the day after so I can enjoy the fruits of my labor (also known as my monthly ornaments!) a bit longer. Many of you have seen my tree on Instagram, but I know some of  you just read blogs so here are some photos for you. I’m often asked about our tree so here are a few details for you. It is not huge–about 7 feet tall. Yes, it is artificial–when my middle son was young, he had allergies to real trees so we went with an artificial tree and never looked back. It is not a “themed” tree–it contains a bit of everything. Besides my stitching, there are ornaments from my mother-in-law, my sons’ childhood ornaments, ornaments from our travels, and everything in between. The most common question is: “How many stitched ornaments are there?” Well, last week,  I actually counted them as I placed each one on the tree–there are 155 and 95% of them were made over the past ten years. This year, I only put the ornaments I stitched myself on the tree and put those given to me by my stitching friends on the mantel in our family room and up the stairway on the garland (after I moved my current year’s ornaments to the main tree). The tree was simply getting too crowded so I chose to showcase them this way. I’ll try to remember to take a photo of my gifts on the mantel and up the stairway for my next post when I show you the wonderful presents I received this month…

2019 Christmas Tree: 155 stitched ornaments!

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