A Stitch In Time February 2021

Finally for the month A Stitch In Time to complete the confetti hat trick. I knew with those pink flowers again I’d be spending a lot of time switching colours I’m used to it by now. On the whole it wasn’t too bad apart from a couple of evenings where I struggled to concentrate fully.

By the weekend I was back listening to audiobooks and beginning to feel as it I was getting somewhere on the page. I also managed to tip over the 3,000 stitch mark. That was partly because I’m finally getting into the vignette on this page and there’s some blocks of blue in the sky that I’ve just started on. As well as that there’s a book spine on the right hand side of the page so at the moment that is mostly blocks of 3 colours. Eventually that incorporates another pink flower that will be a nice challenge for next time.

By the end of the month I’d also decided on the projects in my adapted rotation so that maybe played a part as well. This project will still be out as one of the one week projects but it will only be stitched every other month. It will be next month though because I’ve paired it with Just Be which will mostly be blocks of colours as I’m rapidly heading to the last row of partial pages. Being so close to a finish is perhaps another reason that I’m so unsettled with my other projects. The other focus piece is Trick or Treat and I’m really looking forward to seeing some progress with that one as it is one of my favourites. The last spot in the rotation is going to A Little Light Reading because I love stitching on those Draglings and this one has some blockier areas which will be a nice balance to the confetti in Trick or Treat.

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