A Stitch In Time January 2021

My last full coverage project for the month was A Stitch In Time from Heaven and Earth Designs artwork by Aimee Stewart. I think back in December I managed to finish page 3 and set to working on the bottom half of page 4 which I had started before I decided that I was going to travel across to page 1 and work in order. Finishing this page would mean that I had joined page 1 to pages 5 and 6 and over half the way through the top row of pages.

I wasn’t fully expecting to get the page finished during the 6 days I spent on it this piece is very deceptive with progress but as it got to the end of the week I began to be more confident that I would be able to get it finished. So another of the ladies made an appearance sitting in front of her fireplace working on her needlework.

I even had a little time to make a tiny part on page 7. The goal this year to to finish the top row of pages. I’ve deliberately set it to a small goal just because I know how full of confetti these pages can get, I don’t have a finish date in mind for it right now I’m just happy plugging away at it for a week each month.

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