Birds of a feather…

How can it be the end of February already? I don’t know, but I’m more than happy to bid it “adieu!” Lots of gray and dreary days here… March certainly has to be better, doesn’t it? This week was another busy one with my six-month dental appointment (thank goodness I had no cavities this time!) and an informational meeting about Medicare thrown into the mix. I have to sign up for Medicare by April 16th so time is getting short. I’m slowly beginning to understand it more, but any helpful advice would be much appreciated by those of you “over-65ers!” My husband and I are leaning toward signing up for a Medicare Advantage plan–just need to pick the one that best suits us at this stage in our lives. I was relieved to hear that these plans can be changed each year during certain months–doesn’t make it quite so stressful in making our selection. I feel like I’m a reasonably intelligent person, but this Medicare process has made me feel really dumb. Thank goodness, I have my stitching to relieve the stress, right?

That “big” (for me, anyway!) finish that I’ve mentioned in previous posts is finally done and I love it! May I present “Winter’s Wisdom” by Cottage Garden Samplings. Oh, what a delight to stitch (although those pine cones about made my eyes permanently cross!).  I’m using 40 ct. pearl gray Newcastle for this series and stitching each one individually. The suggested overdyed threads were used, except I painted the door on the teeny house a teal blue color.

“Winter’s Wisdom” all finished up!

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