Summer Surprises!

And here we are nearing the end of June–almost half of the year is over! Can you believe it? Summer has arrived very tentatively as we’ve had more than our share of rainy, cool days here in western Pennsylvania. This past weekend was perfect, though–sunshine and blue skies with no rain or high humidity! A real treat–in fact, the local weatherman reported that we had not had a precipitation-free weekend like that since February! I can believe it… I do hope the warmer weather is here to stay because it feels just a bit strange to still be wearing my winter bathrobe on the chilly June mornings that we’ve had this year, that’s for sure!

So–here’s some good news! My wrist and thumb pain that I mentioned in my last post is 95% better. I so appreciate all of your well-wishes–they helped! Since I had some of you emailing and asking about the exercises I did to help overcome the pain, I thought I’d give you a link to them for any others who may be suffering. I did not go to a doctor, but am quite sure I had developed a condition called De Quervain’s tenosynovitis which is common in people (especially women) who do repetitive activities such as playing the piano, typing, and, of course, our beloved stitching! Mine got so bad that I could barely grip a plate or pick up a jar. But, between wearing a brace like this one every night and doing the 12 exercises that are outlined in this article, I seem to have bounced back nicely. I am only putting this out there to offer an idea of what helped me… Always consult your doctor for anything serious!

A summer finish… My stitching time was limited in June due to my wrist issues, but I did manage to finish an older (2012) Chessie & Me design called “Scarlet’s Summer Sampler.” I am making a concerted effort to go through my older charts and stitch them instead of being lured by the exciting new designs out there. I’m so pleased with this one–I mean who doesn’t love a sweet red house, a beehive, and four gentle sheep grazing in a flower-strewn meadow on a lazy, summer day?

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