The end of a busy (and bit painful!) month!

Good morning on this final day of May, my dear stitching friends! I’m sure your month has been just as busy as mine, hasn’t it? So much to do at this time of year and I’ve been trying to manage everything with some sort of hand / thumb tendonitis going on. Not fun at all–in fact, downright painful at times, but I’m hopeful that it might be improving. I’ve been wearing a brace on my left hand at night and faithfully doing thumb exercises hoping to keep it from getting even worse. I’m a bit behind in commenting on your blogs as typing is one of the many things that aggravates it (stitching is another, sadly)… I think the tendonitis began due to general overuse of my hand, and unfortunately, I do believe stitching is a prominent cause (along with holding my phone, typing, gardening,and lifting my light weights–basically anything that involves a gripping, repetitive motion). I’ve pulled back on all of these activities and hope that I’ll be back to normal in 4-6 weeks.

I do have three small finishes to share with you this month. Many of you have seen this one on Instagram (if you wish to follow me, just click here!) and I was thrilled with all the sweet comments I received. This finish, called “Berries In a Basket,” is a design by one of my Instagram friends, Jenny, at Homestitchness and is available on her Etsy shop right here. You all know I have a very special relationship with cardinals that began soon after my dad died so the minute I saw this darling piece, I knew I had to stitch it. I love that both the female and male cardinal are featured as you so often see them as a couple in nature. The basket of berries just says “summer” to me so I added the gold cording and red gingham bow to reflect that. I have it hanging in my kitchen now and it always makes me smile when I spot it!

The fabric is closer to the color in this second photo below. I used 40 ct. vintage Cedar Plank by Lakeside Linen and although I love the color of it, the holes must have shrunk during the dyeing process as they were very tiny and close together… In other words–it was very hard to stitch on! But, I persevered and ended up with this lovely summer finish!

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