Two new ornaments and a magical snowfall

And, all of a sudden, it’s December! I’m sure we’re all anxious to put 2021 behind us, aren’t we? Such a strange, almost unbelievable year the entire world has had… Sometimes it just feels like a bad dream! Anyway…

How was your Thanksgiving? I didn’t even bake a turkey this year since it was just me and my husband. But you know what–it felt rather liberating! We had a simple chicken casserole dinner with stuffing on top, a few easy side dishes (I mean how much easier can things get than sliced apples!), and a homemade pumpkin pie. My husband pronounced it the best pumpkin pie ever, but I think it’s because neither of us were “stuffed to the gills” like we usually are after Thanksgiving dinner. It was such a nice feeling to enjoy our simple meal, savor the dessert (with extra whipped cream!), and then wake up the next day not feeling like I’d eaten a whale! And the extra time not spent preparing our usual feast for 20-25 people allowed me to get a jump start on my Christmas decorating and truly enjoy it… I didn’t feel rushed–just took my time and relished the process. So, there really is a silver lining to almost everything…

With my extra time, I’ve been stitching gifts for friends and finishing up my final three ornaments for the year. I’ll share two of them with you today as the third is not quite complete. For my October and November ornaments, I stitched Hands On Design’s “Merry” from the Cranberry Christmas chart and Just Nan’s “Blitzen Glistens.”

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