Unicorn February 2021

February is going to be a month of confetti stitching for me as I switch over to working on Unicorn from Geckorouge for a week. The pastel shades are very different for me to work with and I also have my usual nemesis of stitching white thread on white fabrics. There wasn’t so much of that to start with though just lots of changing colours stitching the flowers an the mane.

I didn’t quite manage to do 3000 stitches which is my usual goal for one week but I did get close. Thinking again about adjusting the rotation and this project is one that will be put onto the back burner for now. I’ve decided to trim things to just two full coverage projects each month with three weeks on a focus piece and one week on another project but I’ll be sticking with two focus pieces which leaves space for two one week projects. But this one will be out again, if not this year then next year it will be out and most likely as a focus piece.

Unicorn Feb 2021

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